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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So my older brother, Chris, and my younger sister, Jess, invite me to a beach in Indiana for the Fourth of July this past weekend. Not only do I bring my trusty SPF 45, Waterproof Coppertone Sunscreen (complete with depantsed little girl on front), but I apply the lotion two separate times, after being in the water. The result?

I have sunburn on my feet that is brutal.

And my back. And the back of my hands. My lips are sunburnt.



So I'm at home, taking a day off (unfortunately), watching awful morning television. Good grief. The male anchors on WGN News in the Morning made obnoxious jokes about prostitutes and the upcoming "rolling hunger strike" that Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon are going on to protest the Iraq War. They also reported on North Korea's missiles every ten minutes. And, Oprah was hosting Celine Dion, along with reporting on her gigantic baby shower at Fort Bragg for all the pregnant soldier's wives. Sigh...if anyone would like to join me on a rolling hunger strike against bad sentimental anti-female dribble that comes with your morning coffee, let me know. If that's what undergirds most American "patriotism," we should all plant hummus and sleep out in Grant Park. And take Larry Potash's salary to rebuild the free medical center under my dad's old apartment outside Logan Square. And we should take some of that $400 billion defense budget and make art education a compulsary minor for all education students in the US. Bake sale for the air force indeed.

I don't really want to get into some anti-American rant after the 4th of July - nor do I want to retreat into Wendell Berryish romanticism (as righteous as it is, when pulled out at the right time). But it can bother me that my roommate's fiancee asked me this morning if I knew why "North Korea hated us so much," and that I had no answer for him. I'm tired of never knowing why we should be afraid of other countries, other leaders. I'm tired of terrorism, and our incessant hunts for terrorists that could be lurking anywhere. I'm tired of living in fear and creating fear for others. I'm tired of hearing about threats from everywhere. It isn't right to be the number one country in the world and the number one producer of nuclear weapons. It isn't right to sell that technology to other countries and then constantly talk about the fear of nuclear war. It is not right. It creates fear, an inversion of hope. Sigh.

I need to return to my aloe vera.


Blogger crc said...

Allison, just leave behind all that crappy tv, North Korea hating, and mushy roommate and fiance/aron visser love and come to me in Arizona... Now!

4:38 PM  

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